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South Oxon Pet Services

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Pet Visits. South Oxon Pet Services

Small Pet Care
We can look after your Cats, Rabbits, Mice, Chickens, Birds, Guinea pigs and fish while you are away.

Care includes:
•Watering and feeding.
•Administering medication (if need be)
•Basic grooming.
•Handling and cuddles if your pet likes attention.
•Play sessions.

Caring for small animals in their own environment seems to work best for them and less stressful moving them, we usually recommend twice daily visits to enable us to keep a close eye on them.  Visiting your house as well as checking on your pets etc we will make sure everything is fine within your home, there is no extra cost for this it’s all part of the service we provide.

Cat Sitting:
Cats prefer to be cared for at home and generally do not like being moved about.  Staying in their homes enables them to continue their normal habits and live without the added stress of an unfamiliar environment and curtailment of freedom.  

We offer up to 2 visits a day maintaining their routines and caring for your cat as you would, cleaning litter trays, feeding, changing water fuss and cuddles! We can also adjust
curtains and lights, attend to your rubbish and recycling and generally make your house lived in whilst you are away.

Prices start from £8.00 per visit subject to location

Wedding Chaperone:

We can collect your dog in the morning, walk them so they are happy and calm before bringing them to the wedding venue.

A full groom can also be arranged and any ribbon’s, corsages or ring bearer outfit (yes we have had a few) can be dressed on so your dog is ready for their appearance.  We can also arrange for your dog to stay at my home for the night before if need be and afterwards whilst away on your honeymoon.  

This is a very bespoke service so please contact us to discuss your wedding requirements.