Dog Walking.

All of our dogs are walked in safe open countryside and generally off the lead, but if requested we will keep them on the lead giving them freedom to stretch their legs on a long line or Flexi lead. We are experienced dog handlers and understand dogs behaviour and can notice subtle changes in them, this enables us to walk groups of dogs safely in a structured way without any troubles.  Being pack animals we try to walk them in groups, as they love to socialise and play together, even if this is something they are not been use to before. Great care is taken to ensure the dogs all get along and the personalities are well matched.  Some love to swim, others like exploring the woods and hedgerows while a few just like to pootle along quietly by our side.

The main dog walks are organised between 11-2pm allowing time for picking up and dropping off and any other eventualities that may arise ie: traffic / weather!  All dogs are transported securely in our vehicles, all vehicles have first aid kits in them.  If a wet day we will always towel off before returning home!

We get great pleasure from seeing your dog looking relaxed, happy and contented when delivered back to your home. If you want us to put out food and fresh water for them before we leave, just ask, we’re here to help.

Come rain or shine we will be there to walk your dog/s and with several experienced dog walkers on regular duty, there is always backup when needed, if need be.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Prices start from £8

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